Where young learners can build their confidence, skills, problem solve and gain an increasing understanding of the world around them.

As your 3 to 4 years old child grows and develops, Juniors Nursery introduce a variety of activities to encourage creativity and independence.

Our Pre-school programme for learning builds on the children’s knowledge, skill base, learning style and interests. Through a rich variety of projects, children investigate the fascinating world they live in, which enhances the development of emerging knowledge and skills. A balance of child-initiated and adult-planned guided learning across key areas of learning are provided throughout the day.


This area contains a selection of age-appropriate activities for children of all ages. Each activity has been developed with the child in mind - providing them with invaluable learning experiences and opportunities, whilst making fun memories! The activities specifically help to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills, confidence and allows them to explore their imagination and creativity.

Have you tried one of our activities? We would love for you to share your pictures and comments with us on Facebook!

Description of activity

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