Newly Renovated Juniors Nursery

At juniors newly, renovated nursery they welcome you warm heartedly. Realizing the need and demand for their ever-growing organization. with the new addition to their structure making room for more preschoolers. undergone a complete renovation to preserve and enhance its charm while refreshing of all rooms, including the play room facilities, outdoor area, and bathrooms.

Each room has stimulating toys and equipment, each day is different and filled with learning, play and lots of fun. This building has separate room for the young children and will provide a rich, stimulating and peaceful atmosphere filled with soft play, colorful displays, toys, mobiles, sensory equipment and a sleeping room. Where your little ones will learn to crawl, walk, play, start to communicate and start to develop large and small motor skills with the help of audio-visual aid it is a place where there are lots of cuddles and giggles where the children feel very secure and comfortable.There are chairs, mats and cushions so the child could choose what’s comfortable for them.

Life with a busy toddler can be a challenge and finding a perfect fit for your child could be tricky but you don’t have to worry about it anymore. highly qualified staff at juniors is trained to understand that tantrums and meltdowns can be a millisecond away, so they provide stable environment where your child could thrive mentally and physically under the supervision of trained teachers.

Activities are carefully planned weeks in advance, so the parents can be informed in time for the upcoming event. They work with parents in a close partnership. With the trust worthy caretaker’s children feel safe while making new friend and indulge in different activities.