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A safe environment, rich with opportunities for your baby to explore, learn and grow.

From birth, babies are busy, active learners, immediately investigating the sights, sounds, and feel of the world.

We know how hard it is to first leave your child at nursery – that’s why Juniors Nursery staff endeavor to create a homely pre-school environment so your child will feel secure and happy from the start.

Caring for babies from 2 months to 2 years old, we provide lots of one-to-one care in a warm and stimulating environment where little ones love to play and learn.


This area contains a selection of age-appropriate activities for children of all ages. Each activity has been developed with the child in mind - providing them with invaluable learning experiences and opportunities, whilst making fun memories! The activities specifically help to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills, confidence and allows them to explore their imagination and creativity.

Have you tried one of our activities? We would love for you to share your pictures and comments with us on Twitter or Facebook!

Activity for you and your baby

Cover the surface with one layer of cling film, pulled tight and wrapped underneath the surface

Squeeze a variety of paint colours onto the cling film, Cover the paint with another layer of cling film Babies can then explore the surface by patting, rubbing, their hands over the cling film surface, watching the paints mix into one another without any mess

Learning opportunities for the children

Gives your baby the opportunity to be interested in making marks by spreading the paint across the cling film, by using their hands or other objects.

Extensions for the activity

Provide your baby with other resources to hold such as animals that they can use to make marks across the surface.

Resources needed

  • Flat surface
  • Cling film
  • Squeezy bottles of paint , variety of colours ( safe for children